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Pile of Donuts

donuts & dance off challenge

mental health awareness month

The Confident Entrepreneur would like to remind you that May is Mental Health Awareness and encourage you to  practice mindfulness & joy every day for your mental health. We know all to well as entrepreneurs how difficult it can be to give the same time, attention and care that you do to everything else, to yourself. For that reason, we are doing our part to spread a little joy and help with mindset in the Tri-cities with our Donuts & Dance Off Challenge!

-You nominate someone (nominee must be a owner or manager/operator)
-We coordinate with the contact person a time to show up to the business (must be brick & mortar location)
-We bring the music & the donuts & challenge the nominee to a dance off!
-We film a quick video of us dancing and then post it to our social media, website and tiktok channel & then tag your business, bringing awareness to your business, as well as to mental health awareness month!

**Please make sure that the nominee is a willing participant. They must be willing to be on camera dancing, don't make it weird** Because of the number of applications we have received we may not be able to get to every nominee**

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