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How to cope with annoying relatives during the holidays (or anytime)

I promised myself I would start a blog in 2021 but after talking to several clients this week that are dealing with the same stress this holiday season, I decided to start it early to bring you this important message before the holidays!!

In a perfect world, our family time would be filled with nothing but joy, laughter and we would look forward to spending time with each and every family member. However, in the real world, that isn't always the case.

It can be difficult to navigate negative, eccentric, and down right annoying family members especially during the holidays. We all have the cousin who asks too many personal questions, the uncle who drinks one (or 5) too many glasses of wine and the no-it-all sibling. This year with anxiety, fear and stress running rampant everyone seems to be on edge more than usual which can be a recipe for disaster.

But fear not! I bring you my favorite little tip for coping with annoying family members during the holidays(or any time) This tip is one that I give my clients for dealing with negative people of any type whether it is at home or the workplace. The purpose is to help you redirect your own mindset. Unfortunately, you can't control other people's behavior but you can control how you react to it. So here it is, it's simple but powerful:

Armor Up- You may not be able to stop negative, rude and critical comments from flying your direction but you can protect yourself. As you prepare to spend time with negative or annoying family members I want you to imagine yourself putting on head to toe armor. Words can cut like a knife but only if you allow them to penetrate your heart and your mind. When those comments come flying your way I want you to imagine them bouncing off your armor PEW PEW! When you pre-decide that those words will not get through you are less likely to be hurt by them. What does this silly little exercise do? It helps you take the focus off the negativity and your feelings and focus on something that hopefully will make you laugh even if it's just in your head. Say it under your breath if you need to "pew pew" "can't get me".

This will redirect your thought process which will automatically protect those words from digging in.

I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and one where your "armor" is not necessary. We all need more love, more peace, and more grace this year. If your armor doesn't work remember at the end of the day, there is an end to the day. Nothing lasts forever. KEEP CALM and PEW PEW on!

with love & light,

Faith Hovde

The Confident Entrepreneur

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