Our world seems to have been turned upside down overnight, my heart hurts for all the businesses that are being effected by this pandemic, which at this point is EVERY business. It is a trickle down effect that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. There are so many questions that business owners have right now:
-How you can keep from making permanent decisions during a temporary situation
-How do I keep employees calm when I'm freaking out myself?
-How can I adapt my business quickly so I can maintain revenue?
-How are others in my industry coping with this?
-How can I ease my clients minds?
-What government resources are available for small businesses for loss of revenue and employee retention?
-How can I effectively work from home while the kids are there?
-How do I explain this to my kids and be a good parent during this craziness?
-How do I move forward from this?

As I was thinking of ways I could serve my fellow business owners during this time my sweet friend reminded me that I started my first business smack dab in the middle of a recession. I have seen many highs and lows in the economy and in my own businesses over the years. While I won't pretend I have all the answers, there are a couple things I know for sure:
-we are better together
-there is hope
-having a strategy is key

During this FREE webinar we will STOP, COLLABORATE and LISTEN (please tell me I'm not the only one that rapped that in my head)
I will do my best to offer perspective, insight, strategy and hope. My goal is to connect like minded individuals by industry to discuss how we can help each other lessen the negative impact on our businesses and families and get some answers to those tough questions as well as resources to lesson the negative impact.

Please join us for these FREE webinars, bring your questions, bring your answers and ensure THE COMEBACK!

Participate in one or participate in them all, every group will be different! 

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March 24th 9am-10am

Health Care Industry


March 23rd 12pm-1pm

Retail Industry


March 24th 2pm-3pm

Wedding Industry


March 23rd 2pm-3pm

Restaurant & Food Industry


March 25th 9am-10am

All Entrepreneurs

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