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COUPLES Re-Vision vision board workshop

February 6th 1230pm-6pm

2020 has thrown us all for a loop, it's time to revise with our Re-Vision Workshop for couples!! This is a guided vision board workshop where we will take steps to gain clarity and help you define your vision as an individual AND a couple. Together we will create vision boards that will help you align with your goals and values and keep you focused on what is important. This isn't your typical cut and paste vision board workshop!
Don't know what your goals/values are? No problem! This workshop will help you figure out what your core values are and what your next step might be for your family, your work, your life.
Your $150 class fee (per couple) includes all the supplies you will need to create your vision board as well as take home handouts to help you get the most out of your vision board. Space is limited to 5 couples!

**As of now we are planning on doing this class in person. If for some reason we are not able we will switch to online and will deliver the supplies to your door!