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Create A Life & Business That You Love 

Coaching with Faith Hovde,

The Confident Entrepreneur


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Meet Faith

Certified NLP & CBT Life Coach For Entrepreneurs

Hi! I'm Faith, a wife, mom, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur.

I'm also an animal lover, plant collector, bossy big sister, multi-business owner, best auntie, daughter, networker, speaker, podcast host, wardrobe stylist, cook, laundry folder, bad joke teller, faith filled, idea bouncer, truth teller.

I am all of those things and so much more! 

We are integrative beings! Your business, your family, your community, the world needs what you have to offer and

you deserve to show up confidently as ALL of you. 

I am passionate about helping you create a life and a business that you love.


What I Specialize In







What if what you think is a 

breakdown, is actually a breakthrough?

Faith has a God given gift to coach, educate and lead others down the path to success and fulfillment. She'll give you tools for your toolbox and teach you how to use them. The rest is up to you, but she's always in your corner. 


Makeup Artist

Faith is dedicated to making women feel beautiful and amazing-she is an addiction. I have hired Faith three times to help purge my closet throughout a lengthy and large weight loss process and in the process, help me to dress professionally and confidently.


President and 

Creative Director

When I was looking for a business coach, I was looking for someone who was already successful and years ahead of me. I needed to know what I didn't know. I immediately thought of Faith.


Inspirational Speaker

The Life Feed

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