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I'm Faith

Integrative Life & Business Coach for entrepreneurs.

I am here to help you design a life and a business that you love.

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Where focus goes,
                             Energy flows


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Reka, Inspirational Speaker 

When I was looking for a business coach, I was looking for someone who was already successful and years ahead of me.

I needed to know what I didn't know. I immediately thought of Faith.


I walked 'into her office' confused on what my business should look like and how to even operate it. I walked 'out of her office' with my head on straight -- knowing my execution for the next 6 months+ ahead.


Hiring Faith as my business coach, a woman of faith was the best decision I made for my business. My foundation for 'Singleness U' is solid, thanks to her!

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Jane, President/Creative Director 

I adore this woman! Faith is dedicated to making women feel beautiful and amazing—she is an addiction! I have hired Faith three times to help purge my closet throughout a lengthy and large weight loss process and in the process, help me to dress professionally and confidently. 

She has taken me shopping several times and is ALWAYS on or under the budget I set. And, they have been the most rewarding shopping experiences of my life. Not only does everything fit perfectly, the clothes look great on me. 

In addition, I have hired Faith to take portraits of me and my design team at WinSome. Every member of my team feels the same way with Faith—gorgeous, pampered, and loved. 

I cannot recommend Faith highly enough. She is a trusted colleague, a true professional, and a classy confident woman who empowers others. (Seriously, why are you still reading?? CALL HER.)


Heather, Makeup Artist

Faith is about as good as a human comes. Truly. We’ve worked together and been friends for almost a decade now. In absolutely every interaction (one on one and with clients) she is an incomparable resource of of strength, encouragement, and empowerment. All of this, backed by experience, trial and error, knowledge, research, and immeasurable generosity of spirit. So, when I found myself at a very messy wits end, I knew she was my girl!

I reached out to her to help me pick up the pieces and sort them out. Basically, to help me figure out out what I’m gonna be when I grow up! We spent some time together and, after the discovery session alone, I felt more confident and organized. We established a starting place, a path. The tasks at hand are far more manageable and less overwhelming.

She has a God given gift to coach, educate and lead others down the path to success and fulfillment. She’ll give you tools for your toolbox and teach you how to use them. The rest is up to you but, she’s always in your corner!!!

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